Online Goal Tracking Tool For Project Monitoring 

 Smart Goals Setting & Tracking For Your Projects & Team

Achieving your goals can be easy with the right tool

Grow your business fast 

 Manage your project everywhere anytime 

Set smart goals & track them on a visual timeline 

Time-saving    Easy    Effective 

Hit your targets on time and present outcomes and achievements to your  clients and team. 


Monitor your team's progress and dynamically review your decisions to prevent risks and time loss.  


Lead your team,  improve focus and  alignment  by sharing an easy-to-follow visual plan.

Plan & Share

A goal without a plan is just a wish.     

I am Why enables you to break down your big goals into main activities and supporting tasks. This way you obtain an easy to follow visual roadmap.

Visual strategic planning is proven to be one the of the most powerful, persuasive and time-effective planning methods.  Share your plan with your team to make sure you are all working on the things that matter!

Define & Execute your Strategy 

With I am Why you will always know what's going on.

Start by defining clear objectives and key results (OKRs)  and putting down milestones. This way, you can track and review in real time your team's progress and quickly decide if you need to keep going or change your plans, avoiding putting your project in unnecessary risks.

I am Why will never let you lose sight of where you are against your objectives by monitoring the most important aspects of a project: what needs to be delivered, by whom and by when.

Stay on track 

Present & Report 

With I am Why you can easily create and share your  visual plan which will be always accessible and immediately understandable. Can you say the same of the dusty old 50-pages-long document hidden somewhere in a shared folder?

Report, collaborate or share your plans & outcomes with the rest of your team members and clients achieving greater clarity and alignment by assuring that all your key stakeholders are happy with the progress of your project.



Achieving your goals can be easy with the right tool

Smart Goal Setting & Tracking  

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