Planning, collaborating & tracking made easy 

Smart goal setting & tracking for your team's projects

Powerful Goal Management

Bring focus and alignment to your team to increase performance

Keep your team on the same page

Deliver on time

Hit your targets on time. Avoid costly blocks before it's too late

Be in control. Track what needs to be delivered, when and by whom

Let everyone see where you're going and what's most important to do now

Plan & share your strategy

Track & monitor progress


I Am Why has been developed with the best practices and latest research from the fields of organizational psychology and management science.

Read more about the science of visual planning here.

Break your goals down to create a visual roadmap with I Am Why. Track your teams progress in real time so you know when to keep going or change your plans.

Visual Planning & Tracking

S.M.A.R.T. Goals and OKRs

Read more about the principles of effective Goal-Setting here.

Make your goals clear, concrete and actionable with S.M.A.R.T Goals and OKRs. I Am Why will never let you lose sight of your objectives.

Read more about how smart leaders use Management By Objectives in I am Why to engage and motivate their employees here.

I am Why has been built for effective team communication.

Engage and motivate your team with clear goals and a visual path for reaching them. And with instant feedback and updates, nobody will be lost in the woods anymore.

Made for Teams

"I Iike I am Why because I can see the status of each project at a glance. And since my teammates have starting using it too, we never miss a deadline anymore!"

Chiara Guerrucci

Project Coordinator, FantasticaMente

The Smart Solution for Every Goal Oriented Manager

If your work is more than just checking a to-do list and you want to pursue Goals and Objectives, we have the right solution for you.

Evi Steegmans

Founder, Styleboost

"With I am Why, I have a clear path so I immediately know what's important to do for developing Styleboost."

"I am Why helps us to keep perspective and context when we are doing daily and weekly project planning and gives us the visibility we need to prevent upcoming blocks early."

  • Use transparent objectives to bring focus and alignment to your team
  • Increase performances and team satisfaction 

For Team Leaders

  • Bring Gantt charts into the 21st Century
  • Monitor what needs to be delivered and by whom
  • Track progress in real time at all stages of your project 

For Project Managers

  • Use I am Why to implement the Lean Startup Framework
  • Always take the right steps to create a successful business

For Startup Founders

William Juckes

Head of Product, Dysis

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Planning, collaborating & tracking made easy

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